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Amazing Underwater Places that are Worth Seeing once in your Life

The beauty of the seas and oceans have always fascinated people. The diversity of flora … [Read More...]

The Cliffside Town of Tropea1

The Cliffside Town of Tropea

Tropea is a seaside resort located in the region of Calabria, in the south of Italy. The … [Read More...]


Abandoned Eerily Intriguing Shipwrecks

We expect to see ships from land as they sail away, but there is something eerily … [Read More...]

Castle-Sigiriya-Monumental-Masterpiece of-Ancient-Architecture3

Castle Sigiriya Monumental Masterpiece of Wooden Architecture

Sigiriya is a magnificent rock fortress, considered one of the most mysterious sights on … [Read More...]


Magical Miniature Worlds by Matthew Albanese

Matthew Albanese creates small-scale meticulously detailed models of outdoor scenes and … [Read More...]

12 stadiums of the World Cup 2014-6

Top 12 Stadiums of the World Cup 2014

The opening match of the World Cup in Brazil will Sao Paulo, and the finale - Rio de … [Read More...]


The 15 Most Beautiful Corners of the Planet Earth

The stunning beauty of the pictures you will see below, included in the book titled … [Read More...]

The Main Cities of the World at Night

Beautiful photos of the author Matthias Hacker from Germany. Evening city in pictures … [Read More...]

Real-Locations-that-Look-ike a-Fairy-Tale19

20 Real Locations that Look Like a Fairy Tale

These places and landscapes seem to get out of fairy tales and stories of our childhood, … [Read More...]